Mobile sludge dewatering offer you a flexible answer for replacing and supplementing your fixed sludge dewatering facilities. Their degree of standardization allows significantly lower development costs, transportation and commissioning.

Mobile sludge dewatering units are ready to be operative quickly and units can be rented for short and long terms. Technical support is always available.

Mobile dewatering units are fully equiped, with centrifuge, sludge feed and polymer pumps, polymer preparation unit, electric panel with alarm indicator, as well as control systems and conveyor for discharging dewatered sludge .

We have a wide range of sludge dewatering units ranging from 3 m3/h (120 kg/MS/h) to 90 m /h (5000 kg/MS/h) of hydraulic treatment capacity.

We also have mobile units for sludge thickening with capacities ranging from 20 m3/h to 60 m3/h.