Centrifuge repairing

The decanter centrifuges operate at high speeds and are subject to severe stress, so that wear and erosion are inevitable. Our company offers repair and maintenance services of all kinds of centrifuges and offers its customers an experience endorsed by over 25 years of expertise in servicing centrifuges. We also provide special designs with ceramics and hard metals, carry out complete overhauls, repair equipment drive and give specialized advice for improving performance and wear.

Our main workshop is in the town of Argentona (Barcelona), with over 2000 m² dedicated to the maintenance and repair of decanter centrifuges. Our skilled personnel perform measuring, welding, grinding, balancing and painting of centrifuges with the most specialized equipment.

Our services range from complete overhaul of the drum and scroll to blasting and painting, wear protection and special coatings (ceramic, alumina ...) for abrasive products.

We are also the official repair service and spare parts supplier of Viscotherm for anything related to the hydraulic drive decanter centrifuges.