Mobile units for anaerobic digestion plants for household waste organics

Mobile units to rent for anaerobic digestion plants for household waste organics

We have the widest range of mobile units to rent for sludge dewatering with centrifuges to process heavy muds flow up to 5,000 kg/MS/h.

They are equipment designed for use in applications with high demands of work, for a production without stops or incidents, as in the case of household waste treatment plants through anaerobic digestion.

The strength and size of decanters that equip these mobile units are the best equipment to treat sludge from the anaerobic digester, when there are problems in the process or in case you need emptying the digester for maintenance.

The mobile units are used to replace or strengthen existing equipment on short and long term basis  and, in the case you are interested in acquiring a CENTRIBOET decanter, for tests at the factory and check its excellent performance.

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