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Remediation and cleaning work using centrifuges

Aerial video of the remediation and cleaning work on the Calonnette, a small affluent of the river Clarence in the village of Chocques (France), using a mobile sludge dewatering unit type S 5-1 to treat up to 90 m3 per hour (5 T/MS/h). WATCH VIDEO:
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Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed to meet pre-defined production needs. In many cases, and often unexpectedly, these facilities have to cope with the increased production of sludge that requires a quick and efficient solution. The rental of a mobile dewatering unit allows immediate action for the time necessary to restore the normal…
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Ponds and lagoons emptying

En el cas de basses industrials i depuradores de llacunatge, periòdicament s'ha de procedir al seu buidatge, tant per feines de manteniment com per retirar tots els sediments decantats. El fet de treure els fangs en forma líquida suposa uns elevats costos de transport i gestió, per la qual cosa cada vegada més les empreses…
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Mobile units for anaerobic digestion plants for household waste organics

Mobile units to rent for anaerobic digestion plants for household waste organics We have the widest range of mobile units to rent for sludge dewatering with centrifuges to process heavy muds flow up to 5,000 kg/MS/h. They are equipment designed for use in applications with high demands of work, for a production without stops or incidents,…
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