Decanter centrifuges with the highest flow rate

Centriboet has two decanter centrifuges with the highest flow rate now in southern Europe and they have being developed to treat sludge from the old bed of the Turia River in Valencia (Spain)

The work involves the extraction of sludge deposited on the Turia river bed by dredging, decanting the largest solids and pumping the sludge to the two decanter centrifuges which have a hydraulic capacity of treatment up to 90 m3 / hour .

The centrifuges do the work of dewatering and following its treatment the dry matter is stored, classified and transported to the deposit of refuse.

The reliability and macro capacity of this equipment allow us to work without interruption and process more tons of material than usual in procedures where the best results are expected.

The success that certifies the good performance of centrifuge mobile units in the treatment and dewatering of sludge swallows us to face the most demanding work in relation to its urgency and its volume.

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